Our Work

We’re currently working on procuring a large shipment of individual first aid kits (IFAK) through CHB Infrastructure, Technology, and Marketing Group LLC, known for its expertise in crisis response. Working directly with manufacturers allows us to finetune our supply chain and bring the supplies that are most needed in Ukraine and purchase them at a wholesale price. 

Description Quantity Unit Price Amount USD
IFAK 100 85.00 8500.00
Hyfin Chest Seals (2 pack) 100 17.00 1700.00
Celon Z-Fold Hemostatic Gauze 100 44.00 4400.00
BOA Constricting IV Band 100 7.00 700.00
CAT-7 Tourniquets 50 32.50 1647.00
TOTAL USD: 16772.00
All figures are from drafts of purchase orders

Also, our team in Budapest is working hard on procuring and shipping requests of individual Ukrainian hospitals. For example, they’ve managed to collect and prepare for shipment a bunch of medications for “Bucha Center of Primary Healthcare.” And Weyland tirelessly works on establishing connections with pharmaceuticals company to get Propofol and Tranexamic acid (medications required for major surgeries) and Insulin.