Our Team

Yelizaveta Rubchynska

Liza is a medic from Kyiv who was in Budapest when war broke out in her home country. Her contacts at hospitals in Kyiv were the impetus for our initial aid runs, and she continues to coordinate the official requests for aid from Ukrainian hospitals. Her medical knowledge is invaluable in the procurement of medical supplies from Hungarian distributors

Weyland Joyner

Weyland worked as a software architect and strategy consultant in New York City before relocating to Eastern Europe in 2019 as a digital nomad. He spent years living in Kyiv and has a network of friends and organizations there with whom we work to distribute aid. He has a knack for driving cargo vans through both the narrow streets of Budapest and rural roads in Ukraine and Hungary. He also helps manage our finances and accounting. He is a 2014 graduate of Middlebury College with a major in American literature.

Sam Finkelman

Sam is a University of Pennsylvania Ph.D. candidate in Russian & Eastern European studies. Raised in Delaware, he has lived and worked in both Russia and Ukraine, and was in Budapest when Russia invaded Ukraine. His experience in the region and language skills have made him the point person for communications between our group, Ukrainian volunteer organizations, and distributors in the EU. He also manages the Spotify playlist on our journeys. Sam is a 2014 graduate of Middlebury College with a major in Russian.

Philip Rogers

Philip leads the financial and administrative efforts for the organization from the US. Previously, Philip has worked as the CFO of a fermented foods manufacturing company and spent several years as a consultant on financial services disputes. Philip is happy to be supporting the Ukrainian people and those on the ground assisting. Philip studied Finance, Operations & Information Management from Georgetown University (’14) and is a CFA Candidate.

Volodymyr Lipinskyi

Vova leads the web development part of the team. He is also partly involved in communication with our Ukrainian partners responsible for distribution. Born and raised in Kyiv, he loves the city with all his heart, despite its flaws. Someday he hopes to come back and once again run the warm pavement of Rusanivka embankment.

Mariia Volkova

Masha is a web designer and she is responsible for the appearance of this very website. She is also a computer engineering student at Kyiv Polytechnic Institute.
Before the war, Masha loved swimming and hosting literary evenings, and living the life of a young person growing up in a beautiful European city, Kyiv. All that was taken from her by the war, and she has left home and temporarily moved to the south of Italy along with her trusty dog Daisy. She longs to return home to her home city of Kyiv soon.

Anastasiia Zagrabskaia

Before the war, Nastia studied at the Kyiv Academy of Media Arts, rode a bicycle during the warm season and was actively involved in initiatives to protect architectural heritage. Her art was featured in exhibitions around Kyiv. With her artistic background, Nastia has taken the lead in shaping our social media aesthetic.