Our Mission

Zhyty Khochu is a group of international friends committed to doing everything in our power to provide humanitarian aid to medical institutions and defensive units in Ukraine and to refugees fleeing Russia’s brutal war. With the donation money we collect from around the world, we send medical supplies and defensive tactical gear from various European locations to Ukraine, where the grassroots organizations we have partnered with ensure that it ends up where it is needed most.

In the face of the death and devastation brought by Putin’s war, we affirm our commitment to LIFE. This is why we have taken our name—which means “I want to live!”–from the valiant poem “Contra spem spero!” [“I Hope Against Hope!”], which Ukrainian poet Lesya Ukrainka wrote in 1890 when she was only 19 years old. Like Ukrainka, we believe that grief and suffering must not be ignored, but warded off with a powerful song and smile, a firm resolve to safeguard the dignity of Ukrainian lives.



We partner with Ukrainian hospitals to procure vital medical supplies for soldiers and civilians affected by the war in Ukraine.



We are in direct contact with volunteers on the frontline and in Ukrainian cities to provide protective equipment, communications gear, and field medicine to Ukrainian Armed Forces (ZSU) and Territorial Defense Forces (TerrOborona). 



We source aid materials from US and EU suppliers, coordinate transport of supplies from the EU into Ukraine, and work with Ukrainian doctors, volunteers, and Teroborona members to distribute aid to where it’s most needed, right now.



We also provide assistance to Ukrainian refugees in Budapest, Hungary. We provide transport, financial, and logistical support to find a temporary home in Europe.